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Now has more than 100 employees, including highly educated, high professional titles, logistics professionals nearly half. Shanghai Yi Bang International Logistics Co., Ltd. has more than 500 transportation outlets. The company's transport network, to highway and country highway as the basis, according to customer demand, the development of Tianjin, built in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Huaian, Chengdu, Zhengzhou ten for the central, nationwide information freight network, with the modernization of the operational management and scientific Way to provide customers with one-stop services. The company has advanced management tools and transport facilities, with more than 800 vehicles, of which more than 95% of the standard van, long-distance car is about more than 200 vehicles.
Shanghai yibang International Logistics Co., pay attention to the information technology services for enterprises to enhance the ability of logistics information management system, warehouse management system, vehicle management system, GPS satellite positioning system, financial management system, decision analysis system, online query system, SMS notification system and improving the information system, standard Logistics is entering a new era of digital transportation.
In the service of society at the same time, Shanghai yibang International Logistics Co. Ltd. also gained social recognition and honor. The future of Shanghai yibang International Logistics Co. Ltd., with cargo transport industry as the leading industry, promote coordinated development of shipping, aviation industry, to speed the quality as the center, with information to help improve the efficiency of transportation, development close to the customer demand for products, providing a set of logistics, information flow and capital for customers The third generation is an efficient, safe and accurate modern business logistics service.
As a modern large-scale third party logistics enterprises, the company has a large fleet, in the national highway, can see yibang international vehicles. In the vehicle management system, throughput, storage area, can meet the different levels of customer demand; in risk protection, through the whole insurance strong support, protect the interests of customers, reduce the risk of transportation, the company's customers no menace from the rear.
Scientific and technological strength
Technological power of independent development
In the face of a large number of business, companies rely on their own strong professional technical team, according to customer demand, combined with the characteristics of the logistics business, the second generation cargo network management system developed by the national real-time network has been officially opened in May 2011. The new system is fully implement the business process management, data management and transmission management, one-stop centralized electronic management model, combined with GPS positioning, goods barcode detection technology, and truly reflects the decisive role in the modern digital transportation.
The actual technical force also ensures excellent maintenance and upgrade quickly on the enterprise network management system running in the future, and according to customer feedback correction at any time to provide technical services and new technology, to remain competitive and strong.
GPS positioning Era
The official opening in May 2011 of the national network of new goods real-time network management system, GPS global satellite positioning system is one of them. Through the GPS, the dispatch center can all-weather 24 hours to control the position, speed and direction of the goods and other types of data; GSM national automatic roaming communication platform and SMS make communication more timely and accurate, but also enhance the overall safety factor of the vehicle more goods. The introduction of high technology, will enable the transportation industry is in the operation control of the state in the history will be end, companies can more easily adjust the control operations, reduce operating costs; customers can query through the system of obtaining goods whenever and wherever possible the range and time of arrival, the overall operating system more transparent and Unification. The era of GPS positioning is a win-win era for our customers and us.
Equipment support
"To do good work, must first sharpen his tools, PC server system architecture is heavily Shanghai Pang guarantee network management and weapon system works smoothly. 24 hour temperature monitor server room, the real-time optical fiber broadband network, harmonic process always use technology as a strong backing of its digital strategy plan.
Electronic commerce
Facing the increasingly wide application of Internet network planning, and build e-commerce platform and related logistics industry. The new network technology humanization, to provide customers with convenient online payment, order goods online real-time query process and intuitive warehouse management in electronic business processes, with goods code management, customer database subsystem, a common form of our superior efficiency of network system.
The huge network is another prerequisite for Yi Bang international logistics to provide excellent services. The company built in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an five central national freight network system, operation mode in highway and national highway based on.
The future of Yibang international logistics, will be the development of freight transport industry as a leader, driven by the horizontal joint of other industries.
Development direction is: to improve transport efficiency, accelerate the circulation of goods, shorten the goods in transit time, give full play to the efficiency of transportation equipment, to reach people, vehicles and three stop. At the same time in China as a base to expand, gradually build the global land, sea and air transport network interchange.
Transverse development is the transport of goods and gradually lead the green food base, domestic and international aviation leasing services, and other products 我司是专业的进出口供应链公司,入驻深圳前海包税港区的园区企业。以深圳前海保税港区和蛇口港为基础,专业代理进口清关结汇,报检,备案,进口批文,园区换包装,贴标,保税区集拼,跨进电商,以及操作报税园区到香港、澳门的海关监管配送。
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